What is Jumping Clay?

Jumping Clay is The World's Best Air Drying Modelling Clay!

It is a unique Polymer Clay that is naturally jasmine-scented, lightweight, 100% non-toxic, air dry, and most of all, mess free! It is a very creative and fun way to let your imagination soar. And it bounces!

Our mission is to provide an inclusive and artistic environment for individuals of all ages to enhance creativity, boost self-confidence, improve motor skills, develop spatial awareness, and bring their imagination to life.

Why is Jumping Clay the best clay in the world?  Because it is...


Jumping Clay is made with natural ingredients and is composed of non-toxic, water-soluble fillers, which can be easily mixed into any colour, just like paint. It has passed numerous food safety regulations from around the world, and is hypoallergenic with Nano Silver Technology that gives our clay anti-bacterial, and disinfectant qualities, while allowing it to be Gluten Free!

    Air dry

    NO Firing, NO Baking, NO Oven!  

    Jumping Clay is naturally air dry without baking, shrinking, cracking, or discolouring. The product is lightweight and it becomes even lighter when it dries. Once it’s dry, finished creations can be treasured forever.

    Mess Free

     Jumping Clay does not crumble, stain, shatter, or leave an oily residue and there's no harsh odour. It's actually scented with a light hint of jasmine!


    Jumping Clay has develop exclusive educational programs based on shapes, colours and step by step modelling instructions.  Our courses have been designed for a wide range of ages and people with varying needs.  Our Clay is also perfect for homework, assignments and school projects!

     Proven benefits of Jumping Clay:

    Intelligence – Develop spatial awareness.

    Concentration – Reinforce observation and concentration.

    Artistic sense – Increase artistic talent by recreating your own ideas. 

    Relaxation – Using a soft and pleasant material to create a better emotional state.

    Creativity – Enhance creativity with independent thinking and it’s application
    to art, projects and daily life.

    Self-confidence – Increase your self esteem by realizing your own ideas.

    New way of thinking – A different way of observing based on your perception.
                                        The perfect creative resource, for any child with any learning ability.

    School Projects:




    Adult Hobby: