Learn Through Play Courses

We are also an educational institution offering a selection of our 'Learn Through Play' courses, workshops and parties which are now enjoyed by people all around the globe. All this is available at our Academy or Jumping Clay will provide qualified instructors to host the JC experience at your homes, schools, nurseries, care homes, community centres, corporate events, wedding entertainment and much more... There is no event and no theme that Jumping Clay will not strive to cater for.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide an inclusive and artistic environment for individuals to explore their creativity and bring their imagination to life!

Goals of the Program

  • Learn how to create the basic shapes
  • Learn how to mix different colours 
  • Helps boost confidence and self-awareness
  • Encourages individuals to use their creativity to express themselves and display their artistic abilities
  • Helps individuals build problem-solving skills
  • Provides an enrich and stimulating learning experience